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Alien Chaser 

The pulse of this 429 foot long attraction, appropriately dubbed “Alien Chaser”, stands a skyscraping 60’ tall and takes thrill-seekers on two-person tubes that speed through dark tunnels and rocket into the wide-open expanse of massive saucers. Moving at lightning speed, the tubes are banked high up on the wall, glued by centrifugal force. The steep angle of the saucers creates a ‘drop-and-dive’ sensation as rider’s race along its edge.

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EZ Band

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Wet 'n' Wild Jr.

Wet 'n' Wild JrYounger visitors will get the VIP treatment when they step into their own world of wet thrills at Wet ‘n’ Wild Jr.,an expanded kid’s area that will include eight exciting water slides, including a double body slide and triple track racer; an extreme gushing spray tower; a continuously drenching waterfall as well as jumping spray fountains that little visitors can frolic through.  The pool’s beach entry will be configured with seat walls so parents may be closer to their young children.  Wet ‘n’ Wild Jr. will also feature an exclusive toddler-only play zone with additional shading that will feature low intensity activities such as a floor bubbler and clam shell toddler slide.  The area will also include a new restroom building that will have two private baby changing stations that can accommodate Mom or Dad, siblings and a stroller.  The stations will also be outfitted with large shelves, baby wipes, hand sanitizer and diaper disposal.

Big Kahuna

Big KahunaThe whole family will experience an unforgettable adventure together on Big Kahuna, an exciting, mega-tube serpentine raft ride that will blast visitors into a dark, enclosed tunnel filled with a series of unpredictable twists and turns, breathtaking drops, and back-to-back curves.  The five-person raft will then shoot through the tunnel opening, splash through the wildly fun s-shaped waterway while catching some major hang time along high bank walls before hitting splashdown into the catch pool.  Big Kahuna will be adjacent to the thrill ride Tornado, and will share a new tube conveyor lift to transport visitor’s tubes to the top of both attractions.  Big Kahuna will be crafted by ProSlide Technology, an innovative leader in the manufacturing of award-winning water park thrill rides.


FlowRiderVisitors will catch a never-ending wave –without the jellyfish– on the double FlowRider, an innovative surfing experience that is both a visual spectacle and intensely fun as endless sheets of perfect waves roll out at 35 mph, moving 30,000 gallons of water per minute.  The simulated wave system is designed for multiple riders to surf the perfect waves at the same time, doubling the fun.  FlowRider will quickly become a visitor favorite as the wildly popular international sport of “flowboarding” appeals to a wide range of skill levels.  FlowRider will be located in an expanded and colorful new plaza, surrounded by a viewing deck, dining area, surf shop and performance stage.