Thrill Rides

Alien Chaser

“Alien Chaser”, stands a skyscraping 60’ tall and takes thrill-seekers on two-person tubes that speed through dark tunnels and rocket into the wide-open expanse of massive saucers.
Riders must be 48" if riding alone
Riders under 48" can ride with a supervising companion (14 years or older)

Big Spin

Get set to get wet! Spin around and down this unique, funnel shaped waterslide.
Riders must be 48"

Brain Drain

Seven stories of brain thrilling, 333 foot, 360 degree, floor dropping excitement.
Riders must be 48"
Riders must not exceed 250lbs


Visitors of all ages and skill level can catch the continuous, perfect wave on the FlowRider double, which means more than one can ride at a time - doubling the fun!
Riders must be 42"


The excitement begins by launching up two riders through a dark tunnel where they will travel up to 26 feet per second into the 40 foot bowl of the ride that ends into a pool below.
Riders must be 48"
Single Riders must not exceed 250lbs
Combined Riders must not exceed 400lbs

Texas Freefall

Seven stories of heart pounding, side by side free falling excitement. Not for the faint of heart!
Riders must be 48"


Ride the ultimate storm. Start 75 feet in the air where daring riders are set in motion down a 132 foot long tunnel and thrown into the giant funnel splashing on 5,000 gallons of water.
Riders must be 48"
Single riders must not exceed 250lbs
Combined riders must not exceed 700lbs

Wala Wals Falls

Challenge a friend and race each other down two thrilling 30-foot slides.
Riders must be 48"