Meal Deal FAQ

1. What is included in a Season Pass Meal Plan?

Season Pass Meal Plans are valid for a Meal on each visit to Wet'n'Wild Splashtown. Present your Meal Plan Season Pass at Ocean Breeze Café, Paradise Grill, or  Bob Funnel Cake. Your season pass will scan as valid once per day.

Meal PlanAll items marked with this symbol on our quick-service restaurant menus are included in the Season Pass Meal Plan. 

2. How do I redeem my Season Pass Meal Plan on each visit?

Season Pass Meal Plans are redeemed on each visit by a quick-service restaurant cashier who will scan your season pass band upon check out.

3. Are there gluten-free items available?

Yes, we have gluten-free meals upon request.

4. Do children with a Season Pass Meal Plan have to be present at quick service restaurants at the time of redemption?

Typically, each Season Pass holder must be present at the time of redemption. Some exceptions are made for smaller children. In this case the parent or guardian can present the card for them while they wait at their chairs or table.

5. Where can a Season Pass Meal Plan be purchased?

Season Pass Meal Plans can be purchased online and at the waterpark ticket window. Guests must be present for redemption in order to print the Season Pass Plan icon on their Season Pass.

6. Can I purchase a Season Pass Meal Plan for my 2 year old who does not have a season pass card since their admission is free?

Yes, for children under the age of 3 whose admission is free, an admissions supervisor can issue a complimentary season pass card with purchaser of a Season Pass Meal Plan and mark it with an “M” so that the guest will be able to have the season pass card at quick service restaurants along with the rest of their family.