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What's New at SplashTown

Multi Million Dollar Transformation

New look, new attractions, more amenities and updated facilities! 

Check out the all new Wet ‘n’ Wild Splashtown!

Opening May 2!

Meet Xana-Kai Nash, the world’s youngest Women’s World Pro Flowboarding Champion on Opening Day as she performs amazing stunts on our newest attraction, FlowRider, an innovative body boarding experience that rolls out endless sheets of perfect waves at 35 mph, moving 30 thousand gallons of water per minute!  The Pro Flowboarder earnest her first world champion title when she was only 14 years old and now  will be showing off her award-winning tricks on FlowRider-come check it out on our expanded and colorful new plaza, surrounded by a view deck, dining area and surf shop.

Meet Xana-Kai Nash on opening Day

Meet Xana-Kai Nash , the world's youngest Women's World Pro Flowboarding Champoin on Opening Day- May 2nd- as she performs some amazing stunts on our newest attraction Flowrider, an innovative body boarding experience.